A Letter From Our Founder


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A letter from our founder:

Welcome to our website! I hope that you find what you are looking for. Our mission is to help you grow in whatever way that you need to in order to be happier, more fulfilled and successful. I spent years working in various mental health settings such as inpatient hospitals, schools, group practice and community based services. Something always stuck out to me and that was the environment. I noticed how important it was for clients to feel relaxed, cared for, welcomed and appreciated. Even the colors of the walls and the sounds and smells had a significant effect on relaxation and the ability for clients to open up and make progress in therapy. In January of 2015 I finally decided that private practice was the way for me to be able to provide that type of support for clients. I found office space and began to see clients on a part-time basis. Over the next two years, the practice grew quite quickly and the name was changed to Blue Lotus Therapeutic Services to reflect how I view the process of therapy. Blue lotus flowers are sacred in various cultures and religions. The lotus flower grows in murky and muddy water which symbolizes the human who rises from the darkness of the world to a new way of thinking. In Buddhism, the blue lotus flower represents enlightenment or rebirth. This is an excellent representation of the growth and “rebirth” that can be accomplished through therapy and thus, Blue Lotus Therapeutic Services was born.

My hope for you is that you view therapy as caring for yourself. Whether it’s severe depression that you are struggling with or if you just need someone to process life’s stresses with, you will find that support at our practice. Our therapists have exceptional training and experience to serve our community with respect, compassion and care. We will help you rise to the surface.


Katie Worthington, LPC