Life Coaching

Do you find yourself often stressed, overwhelmed and unmotivated? Do you want more out of your life but aren’t sure where to begin? Do you sometimes wonder “gosh, I feel stuck but I don’t know why and how to move forward” ? Life coaching may be a perfect fit for you.

Life coaching is different than traditional therapy in that it focuses on goal-setting, building confidence and achievement. Therapy tends to work more with processing emotions and understanding your thoughts, moods or behavior. Life coaching can be helpful for everyone but tends to work especially well for those who want to further their careers, increase happiness, grow their business or improve their leadership skills.

I am now beginning to expand my practice to include life coaching services. Often times, during therapy sessions I find myself incredibly excited when I have the opportunity to help a client with setting goals and getting more out of their life. Coaching is such a unique way for me to utilize my clinical background and help you develop a plan to reach your goals and succeed!

Coaching services are available as a monthly package which will include four 45-minute video or phone sessions and unlimited email support. Whether you are a business owner, an overwhelmed mother, an executive or someone who just wants to learn who to manage their time, I can help you live your best life!

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